Microsoft hikes Office 2019 retail prices by as high as 10%

Microsoft raised prices to the retail versions of Office 2019 by up to 10% when it began selling the job suite earlier this month.

The price increases were very much alike those announced in July for commercial licenses purchased in volume. Then, Microsoft stated that such licenses would cost 10% greater than the ones for Office 2016, with CALs (client access licenses) very important to applications in order to to Windows Server, Exchange Server and etc, slated to climb as many as 30%.

All these were perpetual licenses, ones purchased with a single, up-front fee, which in return for gives the buyer the right to use the software in perpetuity. The licenses, basically, have no expiration date and users might run the programs when they want.

And the second to a perpetual license can be described as subscription. Under that model, customers pay monthly or annual fees to jog the software. If payments cease, the software might stop working or switch to a feature-restricted mode. Microsoft sells subscriptions to your application software plantar to Office 365 label.

Office 2019 are available in three retail editions, that may be purchased from on the web brick-and-mortar stores.

Office 2019 Home & Student Making use of list price of $149.99, this lowest-end retail suite do not change price. It consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Onenote, is offered in versions for either Windows 10 or macOS, and can be installed on university of texas shooting PC or Mac. The applications are not designed with commercial rights, resulting in they are not licensed utilized for work purposes, including at-home work.

Office 2019 Home & Business The $249.99 shop price is 9% above the same bundle for Office 2016. It provides Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote and Outlook – Microsoft’s email client. The suite may come in versions for either Windows 10 or macOS and is installed on school shooting PC or Mac. This license does provide for commercial use.

Office 2019 Professional On the list price of $439.99, this top-of-the-line retail SKU (stock-keeping unit) is 10% compared to the 2016 predecessor. There is Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote, Outlook, Publisher (desktop layout and publishing) and Access (database). For only Windows 10 — there isn’t really a macOS analogue — and installable on each and every PC, its content has commercial rights.

The last time Microsoft raised Office perpetual license prices was at 2010, when using the debut of Office 2010.

Microsoft’s price increases were viewed as a way to push more customers from perpetual licenses towards rental-like model of Office 365.

“In a fantastic world, to Microsoft is concerned, all we’d have is Office 365,” said Wes Miller, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, inside July interview. “It’s will be harder to perceive licensing for on-premises using perpetual, versus Office 365, when you compare on purely financial terms,” he said, referring to the amount hikes.

Microsoft did not dispute that take. In any July 25 post, the company said the changes “will highlight total well being our pricing to obtain a cloud-first world.” Prices for Office 365 – both consumer- and business-grade plans, remained unchanged.



Xbox chief admits Microsoft has ‘a a lot of extra work to do on Windows’ for PC gamers

Microsoft’s Windows os is the go-to for PC gamers, however, many aspects of Windows 10 have fallen short. One of the biggest criticisms is the Microsoft Store (Windows Store), delivers games and apps on a one-click install. Microsoft publishes every its first-party games via the store, and PC gamers have to buy these games exclusively from your store.

Unfortunately, some games come along with odd restrictions for which you wouldn’t typically see in regular desktop computer games. These range from not supporting overlays from apps like Fraps or Discord, to no Nvidia Shadowplay support in a titles, not to mention no sound each time you alt-tab out of a sport in some Microsoft Store games. The upload procedure for Microsoft Store games is typically buggy, with failed installs and error codes any headache for several PC gamers.

These all issues have ended in Microsoft promising to try to to better. “I think we’ve received a ton of attempt to do on Windows,” admitted Xbox chief Phil Spencer at Microsoft’s XO18 event the other day. “Windows is something I’m very sold on, I’ve heard the feedback about our Store. I’m heading to take a bigger leadership role on what’s taking place with the Windows Store, helps it be really tailored about the gamers that we know want to see an excellent from that which we have to offer.”

Spencer’s means to fix the Microsoft Store come just months after in addition, tom revealed the software maker is “reworking” its Xbox app for Windows 10. The earlier Xbox app extremely good if you’re seemed to Xbox, but PC gamers demand more functionality like fine controlling party chat audio and being able to update games automatically. Microsoft’s Xbox app on Windows 10 lacks to be able to control game installs and updates, as this is all handled as a result of Microsoft Store which regularly fails to update games automatically.

There’s clearly several work to be exercised to improve every day gaming experience on Windows, and Spencer’s hints indicate that Microsoft has heard the feedback loud and clear. Steam dominates distribution of games on PC, and Microsoft initiated a policy of publishing most of its first-party games there. Titles like Forza Horizon 4 and Sea of Thieves continue being only available about the Microsoft Store, while Quantum Break made it to Steam two yrs ago.


Microsoft Broke Windows 10 Again, Despite Warnings From Windows Insiders

Well folks, I’m not having enough ways to cleverly introduce such things as your current build of Windows 10 should have another nasty bug. While it’s not as severe as getting the documents removed of existence, it will possibly still be viewed as very irritating for users. That’s because the bug showcased breaks file associations, preventing certain file types from opening having the default programs you use. For example, capable of associate Adobe Photoshop with image files, Notepad++ with text files or VLC with .mp4 files.

It was actually brought to attention courtesy of Chris Hoffman at How-To Geek, but when a bit of research societies this issue has long been lurking for years. Check this out:

“This really is a known bug there are almost certainly been reported while in the Feedback Hub, so Microsoft should be aware and working at a fix. The upcoming regular monthly cumulative update is anticipated on Tuesday 12 June, so I’d expect the fix then.” ~via TenForums, May 2018.

That forum post was from May 2018, and like other serious unzapped bugs, it’s often reported from your Feedback Hub too many times according to Bleeping Computer. But looking at in November, therefore the issue persists. Believe it or not, it’s been around in forms since 2015. Yes, 2015.

Seems like to be somewhat erratic, but general users learn that:

Default app preferences aren’t saved when deciding “Open With” and enabling “Always make use app”

They can’t choose defaults by app

They can’t choose defaults by file type

Here’s a small sampling of complaints from your Windows 10 subreddit:

“Running W10 1803 on 2 different PCs that incorporate both developed the same thing problem – the “open with” menu that lets you change file associations doesn’t do anything anymore.” ~via Reddit

“[…] all i’d like is to make mp3 files open using the media player of my choice instead of windows media player PS: The account i’m in has administrative rights. . i have formatted my PC completely to attempt to solve cures, yet it persisted.” ~via Reddit

“When attempting to open .mkv and .mp4 files with MPC-HC would not remember turning out to be the default application. Instead it always opens from the default Windows 10 video player. I’ve googled this and found people offering solutions of fixing the establishing the file association panel, and changing registry settings… pick . working. This is actually second install of Windows 10 I’m seeing this on, which is a fresh install from last night.” ~via Reddit

How-To Geek states that running barefoot doesn’t seem an issue in Windows 10 machines running version 1809 — the version this was historically pulled because of so many show-stopping bugs (Microsoft has yet to reissue this cumulative update originally scheduled for October). However, I have found multiple complaints from users running version 1809:

“I’ve been possessing issue for some time now. Certainly be a realistic able to assign certain file types to a particular programs. Which is happening in 1809, decide to rollback (through clean format) to 1803 we still have the disease. Thinking of okay 1709 to get rid of it.

Right choice info file –> Properties –> Change – doesn’t work.

Setting app –> Apps –> Default Apps –> Choose default apps by protocol – doesn’t work.

I would have already switched to Linux whether or not this wasn’t for gaming.” ~via Reddit”

“I have this on LTSC 2019 it is therefore totally inside the October update too. There’ve been several posts in regard to the bug being contained in 1809, I guess now they’ve backported it to earlier versions. Enjoy, lol.” ~via Reddit

It appears to be a registry-based workaround is readily available, but it’s not for your personal average Windows 10 user along with hardly a solution. You’d want to execute this for every single file type association you are looking for fixed. This can be a screenshot from StackExchange:

Actually been a remarkably poor year for Microsoft’s Windows 10 computer itself, whether it’s invasive annoyances or system-breaking bugs. Rapidly efforts of its millions of Windows Insiders, updates only usually make things worse — and in addition you know, it’s merely normal for therefore many Windows-focused tech sites to advise people method delay or avoid Windows Updates.

For an unrelated note, if you are running Windows 10 Pro, you might want to check if you happen to be downgraded to Windows 10 Home. . .

And the I can enlighten people constantly frustrated with Windows 10 is that this: I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux 5 months now and haven’t even a minor headache. That could be perfect? No. Is that it exponentially more reliable and stable? Absolutely. We’ve been enjoying my PCs again, i’m going to keep beating this drum because I have low confidence that Windows 10 is likely to be improving soon.


Microsoft Office for Mac Gets New Ribbon Icons

Microsoft just released a totally new update for the Mac sort of its Office productivity suite as part of the Office Insider program.

Like with its Windows 10 sibling, the course is supposed to let users you could try Office updates ahead of time and provide feedback that can help refine the skills before improvements are shipped to everyone.

Today’s build is 16.19.181104, as well as includes a ton of refinements for those Office suite on Mac, much like the new icons that Microsoft has announced earlier on the ribbon.

Using restyled icons, Microsoft Office for Mac gets to be more modern look, and since ribbon have been an essential part of the application, all improvements specify the particular are no doubt welcome.

Begining with this version, Office for Mac users are allowed to insert photos into their documents without actually leaving the apps. Microsoft has included web search support for images, so its possible to quickly search for and then embed this in your document effortlessly.

“Now out there for insiders”

The updated Outlook client features additional encryption options. This update introduces an Encrypt-only feature allowing encryption by default for emails.

Additionally, Microsoft is bringing an outline zoom to Microsoft Office for Mac. The company explains:

“See many of the pieces of your presentation right now in an interactive table of contents. When presenting, discover the flexibility you must creative and show your slides in almost order, skip ahead or jump back when needed.”

As said, this is simply a preview build about the Office productivity suite for Mac, but if everything goes while using plan, potential fans and patrons launch should happen later this month. You can actually download the update today if you’re participating in the Slow ring in the Office Insider program, but keep in mind this is operate in progress plus some issues can still be experienced.


Microsoft Office picks up dark mode for macOS Mojave

Microsoft has unveiled a completely new updated headed towards Microsoft Office suite for Mac, delivering a dark mode on macOS Mojave. Built for the latest sort of the desktop OS, the clean interface complements your entire system-wide theme implemented by Apple trapped on video tape.

As detailed by Microsoft Office product manager, Akshay Bakshi the newest dark mode is now rolling trying to select testers. Those signed up for the Office Insider Program Fast ring is now able to download build 181029, adding the feature to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The mode can also joined by new styling for upper ribbons and icons.

#OfficeInsiders, for those who are that are Dark Mode lovers; this #InsiderFast for Mac update stands for YOU! Inform us your thoughts with a latest update below.

– MS Office Insiders (@OfficeInsider) October 30, 2018

This follows Microsoft’s continued investments in flexibility, doubling concerning dark modes for Windows 10. The Windows 10 October 2018 rollout happens to be underway, that brings a refreshed File Explorer by having eye-friendly option.


Windows 10 — 1990s edition will be the retro operating-system we want

Windows 10 is an efficient operating system, but it’s not without its problems sometimes. That said, it’s still a vast leap forward from past Microsoft offerings, like Windows 95 and 98.

If you’ve have you noticed what Windows 10 could be like in case it had been released by the end of the last century, then look into Windows 10 — 1990s Edition. Who needs Cortana when you can actually have Clippy assisting you in out?

YouTuber Kamer Kaan Avdan, that’s previously created concept videos for updated versions of Or windows 7, Windows 95 and Windows 7, has debuted a brand new video showcasing his vision of Windows 10 — 1990s Edition.

In times past, Avdan has taken a past operating system and trained with a modern makeover. Here though, he’s done may opposite and taken a modern OS and trained with the retro treatment.

The very beginning menu in Windows 10 — 1990s Edition really has tiles, yet these use the same icons from Windows 95/98, and tend to be for programs (not apps) featuring like MS-DOS Prompt, Minesweeper, Paint, and Key pad.

In Avdan’s video, that will come with the obligatory VHS flickers, Edge is shown loading Yahoo at modem speeds, and Calculator, WordPad, have the ability to a bland gray view them. Naturally, there’s no Cortana, but Clippy shines to offer some handy assistance.

Whats your opinion of this nineties type of Windows 10?


After Windows 10, Microsoft Makes Office 2019 Higher quality As Well

Microsoft has made Windows 10 less affordable for consumers in america, and now the business does the exact same thing for the Office 2019 productivity suite much too.

While the of the Home & Student form of Office 2019 has remained unchanged at $149.99, consumers have to pay 9 percent more for ones Home & Business version as compared with how much they used Office 2016.

This particular version now costs $249.99, up from $229.99, based upon a report from CW.

The priciest version is actually Office 2019 Professional, and this is and also the release that suffered the actual largest price increase of Ten percent. Consumers now have to pay $439.99 for Office 2019 Pro, up from $399.99 for Office 2016 Pro.

“Pushing customers to Office 365?”

While Microsoft hasn’t explained why exactly zinc heightens Office prices, the move was actually announced a few months ago, and it is thought to be an attempt to push more consumers towards Office 365.

Accompanied by Office 2019, Office 365 comes with to provide a subscription-based service and is particularly updated regularly with additional features. Office 2019, on the other hand, wouldn’t get any other new features, and updates would merely be aimed at fixing bugs and addressing security vulnerabilities.

Latest research by, it was that will Microsoft increased Windows 10 prices the united states, with the Home version now offered for $139.99, up from $119.99. Meanwhile, the Pro version holds available for $199.99 much like before.

There’s a business that with the amount increase, Microsoft also seriously wants to steer people to the Pro form of the OS that includes several extra benefits.

It remains seen how price hikes is likely to be received by prospective customers, but for now, both Windows and Office have grown to be more expensive your current needs.